Happy Bhai Dooj 2016 SMS, Wishes, Wallpapers, Quotes, Messages

Happy Bhai Dooj 2016 SMS, Wishes, Wallpapers, Quotes, Messages : Mostly peoples search the latest wallpapers, quotes, wishes for your brother and sister, if anyone live in out of the country and they both don’t meet on Bhai dooj so,they wish both of us to this way. If you want to share these messages, quotes, wallpapers, wishes on your FB, WhatsApp account so you can choose from here all best messages, wishes, wallpapers and enjoy this day with your family.

About Bhai Dooj
After the occasion of light then Bhai dooj is come it is the best and beautiful day for every sister and brother. The name of Bhai means brother and dooj mean second after the new moon. It is especially celebrated in nepal and india. On the Bhai dooj sister applying Tilak of kumkum on his brother’s forehead and pray for his long life then brother gives gifts, But in nepal sister applying Seven types of tilak on his forehead and start doing aarti with ghee diya because people’s says flame of the Diya is a mark of sisterly love that will protect the brother from all evil and obstacles in life. This day is express the bond of love and unique realtion which stands forever without any reason that’s why Bhai dooj is a symbol of brother & sister love. This festival also knows as many names like, bhai Pontha in many countries..

Bhai Dooj is celebrated is most parts of India but is known by different names.

In India Bhai Dooj
In Nepal Bhai Tika
In West Bengal Bhai Potha
Marathi Bhai Beej

Happy Bhai Dooj 2016 SMS

My brodr is my best friend,
U stand by me when I am alone u make feel happy when I am low,
Thanks 4 being 4 me always Dr Brodr…

Happy Bhai Dooj SMS

2 d outside world V ol grow old,
Bt we no each odr as we always were,
V no each odr’s heart,
V live outside d touch of tym…

Bhai Dooj SMS


Happy Bhai Dooj 2016 Wishes

Like d luv of Lord Krishna 4 his sister Subhadra,
ol brodr should luv dir sister &
like d blessings of Subhadra 4 his brodr Krishna,
ol sisters should always pray 4 dir Brodrs.
Happy Bhai Dooj

Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes

Like d luv of Lord Krishna 4 his sister Subhadra,
ol brodr should luv dir sister &
like d blessings of Subhadra 4 his brodr Krishna,
ol sisters should always pray 4 dir Brodrs.
Happy Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj Wishes


Happy Bhai Dooj 2016 Wallpapers

U know that u are d most precious stone
in d collection of my secret treasure..
Wishing u very Happy Bhai Dooj &
Best of luck 4 every thing.

Happy Bhai Dooj Wallpapers

Like d luv of Lord Krishna 4 his sister Subhadra, ol brodr should luv dir sister and like d blessings of Subhadra 4 his brodr Krishna, ol sisters should always pray 4 dir Brodrs.Happy Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj Wallpapers


Happy Bhai Dooj 2016 Quotes

Anodr fresh Bhai Dooj is here . . .
Anodr year to live!
To vanish worry, doubt, and fear,
To luv and laugh and give!

Happy Bhai Dooj Messages

Bhai dooj is festival of prayers from sister to brodr,
brodr’s protection 4 her sister.
May this Bhai dooj,
we ol celebrate it with even more luv &
protection 4 our sisters & brodrs.
Best wishes on this Bhai Dooj!

 Happy Bhai Dooj Quotes

Happy Bhai Dooj 2016 Messages

Dooj is festival of prayers from sister to brodr, brodr’s protection 4 her sister.May this year we ol celebrate it with even more luv and protection 4 our sisters and brodrs. Best wishes on this Bhai Dooj.

Bhai Dooj Messages

Brodrs are like streetlights along d road,
dy don’t make distance any shorter but
dy light up d path and make d walk worthwhile.
Happy Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj Quotes

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Happy Narak Chaturdashi – Choti Diwali 2016 SMS, Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Wallpapers

Happy Narak Chaturdashi – Choti Diwali 2016 SMS, Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Wallpapers : If you are searching the latest collection of Narak Chaturdashi, Choti Diwali SMS, wishes, quotes, messages, wallpapers etc so here we show you our best latest collection you can save from here and enjoy this day. Diwali is the best festival for all Hindu’s peoples, which brings a series of festivals with it. We get a chance to celebrate five festivals one by one. Narak Chaturdashi is one of the festivals which are celebrated on the second day of Diwali celebration. The Narak Chaturdashi falls on the fourteenth day of the month of Kartik , it is most popular by the name of Chhoti Diwali. This festival is observed to honor the victory of Lord Krishna over the demon king, Narkasur. On this day hanuman send the messages of lord Rama’s they all to return to Ayodhya. That’s why Ayodhya peoples start decoration and start light the diyas everywhere

Happy Narak Chaturdashi – Choti Diwali SMS

Aapko aashirwad mile Ganesh se
Vidya mile Saraswati se
Dhan mile Laxmi se
Khushiya mile Rab se
Pyr mile Sab se
Yahi dua hai is dil se
Happy Narak Chaturdashi

Happy Narak Chaturdashi – Choti Diwali SMS

May this narak chaturdashi bring
Pot full of heath, wealth and life
May God always be with you
And bring an end to all your strife.
Happy Narak Chaturdashi.

Happy Choti Diwali sms

Happy Narak Chaturdashi – Choti Diwali Wishes

The victory of good over evil
The celebration of courage too
May this Narak Chaturdashi bring
Nothing but the best for you.
Have a festive day.

Happy Choti Diwali Wishes

Prosperity, Health and Wealth
Goodluck, Success and Love
Is sent your way this Kali Chaudas
Straight from the heavens above.
Happy Narak Chaturdashi.

Happy Narak Chaturdashi Wishes

Happy Narak Chaturdashi – Choti Diwali Quotes

Jese Krishna Bhagwan ne Narakasur ka naash kiya,
Waise hi Bhagwan
apke jeewan se dukhon ka naash kare.
Narak Chaturdashi ki dhero shubhkaamnaayein

Happy Narak Chaturdashi Quotes

Narak Chaturdashi sms in Gujarati Happy Kali Chaudas Gujarati
Aajhe Krishn Bhagwane
Narkashur no nash karyoh
Bhagvaan tamaara jivan ma thih
panh dukhon no nash kareh
Tamne ane tamara aakha privaar ne mara
taraf thi Narak Chaturdashi ni lakkho subbhechha

Happy Choti Diwali Quotes

Happy Narak Chaturdashi – Choti Diwali Messages

Like Lord Krishna attained victory over Narkasur,
On this Narak Chaturdasi may lord bless you,
and you attain victory over all evils….

Happy Narak Chaturdashi Messages

Acche ki bure par vijay ho
Har jagah bas aap hi ki jai ho
Kali Chaudas dhoom dhaam se manaye
Choti Diwali ki shubhkaamnaayein.
Happy Choti Diwali Messages

About Narak Chaturdashi

Narak Chaturdashi is also known as Choti Diwali and Roop Chaturdashi. Before a day Diwali is celebrated as Naraka Chaturdashi, Narakasur was a demon king. He achieved a boon from lord Brahma that he shall die only in the hands of a woman. When he get boon by Brahma then he became a cruel king. He overcomes Lord Indra (king of gods) and stole the jewelry of Aditi (the divine mother goddess) then she was angry. Satyabhamadecide he went to Lord Krishna,and ask they went permission to wage a war against Narakasura, Krishna is not only agreed,but he does something which finishes all these problems. On the day of the war, both the armies fought fearlessly and the war continued. Satyabhama fought Narakasura bravely, but she was no match for him because he has boon he only died by the hand of women. After some days, when Narakasura got a chance, he took an aim at Krishna, hurting him lightly. When Krishna fainted and Satyabhama get angry. She doubled attack on the demon king and finally killed him. They finally announce the death of Narakasura. This day is celebrated of the death of the evil Narakasur demon king. On this day, people get up early in the morning and massage their bodies with scented oil. And as a custom they use ‘utane’ or ‘utanah’ for the bath in its place of soap and this special bath is referred to as ‘abhyang-snan’. Utane is made of several things made by ayurvedic properties like ‘chandan’ (sandalwood), ‘kapoor’ (camphor), manjistha, rose, orange skin and Haldi (turmeric). After the bath, all family members eat Diwali faral together in the morning. Diwali faral includes many things shev, chakli, chivda, anarse, karanji, laddoo all homemade items.
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Diwali essay in English

diwali essay in english

Diwali Essay in English: We all knows India is a great country known as the land of the festival and the most favorite festival of our India is Diwali. Diwali is come after 20 days the festival of “Dashara” in the month of “Kartik”. Everyone heard the story of lord Rama came to Ayodhya after the 14-year exile(Vanvas). On this day, Lanka’s King Ravan killed by Ram and saved the earth from bad evil. Lord Rama fight wth Ravan and get the victory over evil, so that is the biggest reason Ayodhya peoples welcome with diyas and decorate the whole kingdom with beautiful lit diyas, candles. Many peoples bursting the crackers.
Diwali festival is also known as the festival of lights and the most important it is the annual festival of Hindu. Diwali comes with many festivals continuously five days, people’s worship Goddess Lakshmi, lord Ganesha and Lord kuber on the Diwali festivals. On this day everyone making sweets, dishes, they make rangoli, greeting cards, decorating their house, office, shops etc.

diwali essay in english


It is common everyone people’s buying the new things like clothes, toys, sweets, crackers, diyas, candles, gifts. At the evening goddess, Lakshmi puja is done then the  starting the aarti to get the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, after Aarati they distribute Prasad and share gift to each other. Wish the Diwali festival and spread all over happiness, joy, love, care etc. After all these things children bursting the crackers, people playing the cards because it is the symbol of a good thing on this night. All people celebrate this festival with their friends, relatives, family as nearest dearest ones. This festival teaches us the value of life, keep away bad evil, darkness in our life etc. On this day, rich and poor people celebrate this day with love, joy, happiness etc. Everyone looks happy and enjoy together, and the most beautiful thing is the sky is full of lights.

Happy Dhanteras 2016 SMS, Wishes, quotes, Messages, Wallpapers

Happy Dhanteras 2016 SMS, Wishes, quotes, Messages, Wallpapers:
Dhanteras is one of the main festival of Hindu’s and it is celebrated in the month of “Karthik”(October- November). Dhanteras word is taken from the Sanskrit because Dhanteras means Dhan means wealth and teras mean the thirteen days. This festival is celebrates two days before the Diwali. In this day, we welcome the Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha. In this day, people brings Gold, Silver, Kitchen things because everyone believed it is the symbols of good luck. The first Diya are light on dhanteras day in the evening to banish the evil spirits. Dhanteras Puja is also known as Dhantrayodashi, Yamdeepdan. On dhanteras occasion, Lakshmi puja and Ganesha and lord kuber puja are most important.

Happy Dhanteras 2016 SMS

Iss dhanters khus kash ho,
dilo me khusiya ,ghar me shuk ka vaas ho;
here moti p aapka taj ho;
mite duria,sb aap ke pas ho;
esa dhantrs aapka khas ho

Happy Dhanteras SMS

Laxmi aayegi itni ki sb jagah Naam hoga,
Laxmi aayegi itni ki sb jagah Naam hoga,
Din raat vyapar bade itna adhik kaam hoga,
Ghar Pariwar samaj me banoge Sartaj,
Yehi Kamna hai hamari aap ke liye
Dhanteras ki Dhero Shubh Kamanaye
Happy Dhanteras!! 

Happy Dhanteras 2015 SMS

Happy Dhanteras 2016 Wishes

Dhan Dhanya Bhari He Dhanteras
Dhanteras Ka Din He Bada Hi Mubarak,
Mata Laxmi He Ye Din Ki Sanchalak
Chalo Milkar Kare Puja Unki…
Kyu Ke Laxmiji Hi To He Jivan Ki Udhharak

Happy Dhanteras Wishes

Dhanteras not a single word.
I will tell….See
D: Dhan
H: Health
A: Anand
N: Nature
T: Talent
E: Enjoyment
R: Romance
A: Aitbar
S: Saubhagya
Wish you a very Happy Dhanteras

Dhanteras Wishes

Happy Dhanteras 2016 Quotes

May goddess Lakshmi bless your job / business to do well in spite of all odds like the enduring charms of gold and diamonds.
Happy Dhanteras to you and your family


Dinodin badhta jaye apka karobar,
pariwar me bana rahe sneh aur pyr,
hoti rahe sada apar dhanki bochar,aisa ho apka DHANTERAS ka tyohar.

 Dhanteras Quotes

Happy Dhanteras 2016 Messages

Khoobb meethe meethe pakwan khaye,
Sehat me char chand lagaye,
Log to sirf chand par gaye hai
Aap us se bhi upar jaye,
Happy Dhanteras….!!

Happy Dhanteras Messages

May this Dhanteras Celebration
endow you with opulence and prosperity…
Happiness comes at your steps
Wishing many bright future in your life
Shubh Dhanteras.

Dhanteras Messages 

Happy Dhanteras 2016 Wallpapers

God’s blessing may come as a surprise..
And how much U receive Depends on how much Ur Heart can believe May U be blessed beyond what U expect..
“Shubh Dhanteras”.

Happy Dhanteras Wallpapers

On Dhanteras Festival,
May Divine blessings of Goddess Lakshmi
Bestow on you bountiful fortune
Happy Dhanteras Wishes

Dhanteras Wallpapers

Preparations of Dhanteras

All people wait for this occasion with happiness because everyone believe it is the very lucky day. We are decorating our homes and workshop with light, diyas, candle, flower and the main door of homes and workshops are decorated with the flower and colorful rangoli to welcome goddess Lakshmi, along with lord kuber who is the God of wealth. All people buy silver and gold coins having the picture of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, lord kuber on Dhanteras.
There are seven corns are including the worship of Dhanters.


What is Dhanteras

Dhanteras is coming before two days of Diwali celebrations on this day all people purchase the precious things like as silver and gold coins with the belief they will bring wealth and prosperity.

Dhanteras Celebration

dhanteras 2
Dhanteras occasion is celebrated in the month of October or November two days before Diwali. All People purchase the gift, gold and silver coins on this day people decorate their house and office, workshop with colorful lights and flower, rangolis and also lit diyas. People celebrate this festival to get the wealth of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber. The Hindu’s people celebrate this festival in a religious way and follow the custom. If we want to be new activities, we can also start on Dhanteras. This festival is celebrated continue five day, this festival creates the joy and happiness atmosphere all round. We light diyas to drive away shadows of evil spirits. People worship to the goddess Lakshmi to get success in life. We worship lord Ganesha, lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi. The festival is a wonderful time for people gathering Goddess Lakshmi pooja, celebrations, sharing gifts and bursts crackers.

Happy Govardhan pooja 2016 SMS, Wishes, Quotes, Wallpapers

Happy Govardhan pooja 2016 SMS, Wishes, Quotes Wallpapers : Govardhan pooja falls after Diwali pooja and it is celebrated because this day Lord Krishna defeated Lord “Indra”. Everyone searching the Govardhan pooja SMS, wishes, Quotes so here we have a best and latest collection so you can download from here and send on FB, Whatsapp, twitter and wish your all friends, relatives with lots of love, care. You can share the love, joy, happiness all over to your friends and keep away from the evil, jealous etc.

Happy Govardhan pooja 2016 SMS

Murli Manohar, Brij ke Dhrohar. Wo Nandlala Gopala, Bansi Ki Dhun Par Sabke Dukh Harne Wala. Sab Milkar Machaye Dhoom Ki Krishna Ane Wala Hai. Happy Govardhan Pooja 2016!!

Happy Govardhan pooja SMS

Happy Govardhan pooja 2016 Wishes

Chandan ki khusbu,Resham ka haar, Bhadav ki shugandh, Barish ki fhuhaar, Dil ki ummide, Apno ka pyar Mangalmay ho aapko Govardhan Puja ka tyohar.


Happy Govardhan pooja 2016 quotes

Krishnaa jinka naam, Gokul jinka dham, aise Shree Krishna Bhagwan ko, hum sab ka pranam, Jai shree krishna.
HAPPY Govardhan Puja 2016

Happy Govardhan pooja quotes

Happy Govardhan pooja 2016 Wallpapers

Bansi Ki Dhun Par
Sabke Dukh wo harta hai.
Aaj bhi apna kanhaiyya
Kayi chamatkaar karta hai
Govardhan pooja 2016 ki shubh kaamnaayein

Happy Govardhan pooja Wallpapers

Preparation of Govardhan


  • A beautiful picture of lord Krishna..
  • Mukut, bansuri, flower and tilak.
  • 2 sugercane sticks.
  • Curds, unboiled milk, sweets like batasha, ladoo and peda.
  • Roli, chawal and diyas.
  • Silver and gold coins and money for dakshina.

How to perform govardhan pooja

  • Govardhan pooja is performed in the morning.
  • Using garden soil make a Govardhan Mountain.
  • You are decorating lord Krishna with mukut, flower, bansuri and tilak etc.To form and image of lord Krishna.
  • Unboiled milk, curd, 2stick of sugarcane,and sweets offer to the Lord Krishna.
  • Light the diyas and offer roli chawal.
  • After pooja do four parikrama around the model of mountain Govardhan ji.
  • They read the katha of Goddess Lakshmi Ji.
  • The silver and gold coins or some money is given as dakshina who reads the katha

How to celebrate Govardhan pooja:

People celebrate this festival with great enjoy. People parikrama Govardhan Mountain and offer pooja. People make govardhan dhari ji with the heap of cow dung. People make variety of Bhog to offer the Lord Krishna, and then the pooja is performed through the custom prayer Aarati and Bhog. The festival is celebrated all over the INDIA, decorating the tamples of Lord Krishna and after pooja; we are distributed food among people. And all people get blessing of the lord Krishna by having food. People touch their heads to the feet of Lord Krishna.

govardhan 1

Importance of Govardhan pooja:

People prepar various type of food offer to the Govardhan ji and singing or dancing. Every Year Govardhan pooja is celebrated with great enjoy.There is various custom and tradition of govardhan pooja.  All people worship the Lord Krishna on this special day to the victory of God’s evil power. People believe that they would be protected by mountain so they worship Govardhan Mountain.They decorated their cows and bulls with the saffron and garland etc. People make cow dung heap and   Kheer, Garland of flower, Sweets and Foods offer to cow and bull. People make Naivedya of the Chappan Bhog or 108 food item offer to the Lord Krishna doring pooja.

Diwali customs & Traditions

Diwali Customs & Tradition: Here many peoples don’t know our Diwali custom and tradition because in this time no one want to know about anything so if you are interested to know about Diwali custom and tradition so read this post and get an idea about it. Diwali is celebrated on honor the victory of evil on the truth prevailed, and this festival is a custom that includes the worship of goddess Lakshmi, lord Ganesha, everywhere peoples lighting the Diya, decorate their home, office, shop etc. This day comes with lots of happiness, joy everyone exchanging gifts, bursting crackers and the very special thing is Rangoli.

custom and tradition

Diwali traditions

Lakshmi pooja on Diwali

laksmi puja for c& t

On the day of the festival of Diwali we worship of Goddess Lakshmi because she is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Lakshmi Puja is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali evening in all houses to remove the evil from our houses and welcome blessing of Goddess Lakshmi. All the people worship the Goddess Lakshmi to get health and wealth.

Ganesha pooja on Diwali

ganesh C&T

We worship Lord Ganesha in the festival of Diwali, he is the Lord of wisdom and prosperity. The puja is done on Diwali evening in the houses and keep away the evil from the human mind and welcome the best blessing of Lord Ganesha. It helps in the progress of your life.

Candles or diyas on Diwali


The most important tradition is lighting diyas oil /ghee or candle, after the Goddess Lakshmi puja. People decorate their house with lighted Diyas and candles which symbolize getting remove darkness from the world. On this day Ayodhya peoples decorated the town with lighted Diya or candle to celebrate Lord Ram return after 14 years from “Vanvas”. This is the mark of beginning this custom (celebration of Diwali). People believe that as Diwali falls on a new moon night. Diyas helps Goddess Lakshmi to reach their every house, so people leave the Diyas to burn all through the night.

Exchanging gift on Diwali

In the occasion of Diwali, everyone exchanges the gifts and spread the happiness, love everywhere on Diwali celebration. All peoples go to the market and buy gold, silver, clothes, sweets, and shared with their relatives, friends, etc.

Rangoli on Diwali

rangoli g& L

The word Rangoli is taken from the Sanskrit language, which means the row of color. Rangoli is the art of creatively and draws on the floor using with different types of colors. People decorate their houses and make colorful Rangoli in the front of the door to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.
Firecrackers on Diwali


The festival of Diwali celebration is incomplete without bursting crackers and fireworks. People believed that bursting crackers will keep away evil from houses.

Significance customs of Diwali

ram & sita
The festival of Diwali marks the victory of good over evil. On this festival, the Goddess Lakshmi is a symbol of wealth and Lord Ganesha is the symbol of wisdom. In this festival, people buy sweets, clothes etc things and shared with their friends, relatives. Diwali is a very popular festival and there are several stories behind it. The festival of Diwali is celebrated mostly by north Indian people. On this day, Lord Rama came to Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman from “Vanvas”. It is believed that the people of Ayodhya light oil lamps on this day. All stories of Hindu God and legend related to this festival.


Diwali 2016 Maa lakshmi Aarati

Diwali 2016 Maa Lakshmi Aarti : Many people’s search the goddess Maa Lakshmi Aarti so here we have an article and here we provide you Maa Lakshmi Aarti I wish it is very useful for you. In the Diwali occasion, Maa Lakshmi Aarti is compulsory for complete the celebration of Diwali. So you can read this aarti and sing in this Diwali puja.


Diwali 2016 Maa lakshmi Aarati


OM jai Lakshmi Mata, Maiya Jai Lakshmi Mata

O Maiya Jai Lakshmi  Mata,

Tumako Nis din Sevat ,Har Vishnu Data||Om Jai||

Uma Rama Brahmaani , Tum Ho Jag Mata

O Maiya, Tum ho Jag Mata,

Surya  Chandrama Dhyavat, Naarad Risi Gata||Om Jai ||

Durga Rup Niranjani,Sukh Sampati Data

O Maiya Sukh Sampati Data,

Jo Koi Tumako Dhyavat Riddhi Siddhi Dhan Pata||Om Jai||

Tum Patal Nivaasini ,Tum Hi Subh Data,

O Maiya Tum Hi Subh Data,

Karama Prabhav Prakashini,Bhav Nidhi Ki Data||Om Jai||

Jis Ghar Me Tum Rahati Ho ,Sab Sukh Gun Aata Hai,

O Maiya Sab Sukh Gun Aata,

Sab Sambhav Ho Jata,Man Nahi Ghabrata ||Om Jai||

Tum Bin Yagya Na Hote,Vastra Na Koi Pata,

O Maiya Vastra Na koi Pata,

Khan Pan Ka Vaibhav ,Sab Tumse Aata ||Om Jai||

Subh Gun Mandir Sundar,Shirodadhi Jaata,

O Maiya Shirodadhi Jata,

Ratna Chaturdash Tum Bin Koi Nahi Pata ||Om Jai||

Dhoop Deep Phal Meva,Ma Sweekar Karo,

O Maiya Sweekar Karo,

Gyaan Prakash Karo Ma ,Moha Agyaan Haro ||Om Jai ||

Ma Lakshmi Ji Ki Aarati , Jo Koi Nar Gata,

O Maiya Jo Koi Nar Gata,

Ur Anand Samata,Pap Utar Jata||Om Jai||

Diwali Aarati 2016 – Ganesha Aarati | Lakshmi Aarati | Saraswati Aarati

Diwali Aarti 2016 – Ganesha, Lakshmi,Saraswati Aarti: If you are Hindu so you know what is Aarti, and it’s importance. If you are not Hindu but you need to know what is Aarti and its importance so here in this article you get all everything about Aarti, why people do Aarti, how many types of Aarti. So read this blog and get all information about Aarti enjoy this post.

About Aarti

Aarti is a great observance in Hindu’s and which is complete the puja (Worship). Everyone see when their worship on his home at the last you will see they start reading Aarti because any puja is incomplete without Aarti. Aarti is made by two different words “Aa” it means “complete” and “Rati” its means “love”. In many occasion of the festival we do worship and then Aarti like Saraswati puja, Navratri and most popular in Diwali festival. Aarti is the magical song which is sung for different kinds of Gods. Some importance things used in aarti especially puja thali, Ghee diya, Kapur, roli, supari, sweets etc these things make complete Aarti thali.aarti thali


About Lord Ganesha Aarti

All Knows about Diwali festival and importance of lord Ganesha Puja because without Aarti Diwali occasion is not complete. People sing lord Ganesha Aarti to express their love and devotion.


Importance of Ganesha Aarti on Diwali 2016

When people do Aarti so they make their face towards the lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. Everyone concentrate their mind towards the god, they take the puja thali with burning, ghee dia, Kapur and start doing Aarti in round motion and sing Aarti. When they read Aarti they feel free and religious to mind, keep away from the all problem, jealous or comes close to the god and remove the darkness and welcome the blessing of the lord.

Lakshmi Aarti, Saraswati Aarti on Diwali 2016


Lakshmi puja is the great ritual in Hindu’s during the Diwali puja, Lakshmi Aarti is the one of the most important for the celebration of Diwali. At night, peoples take a puja thali with ghee diya, agar batis, and start doing Aarti in the front of goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi Aarti removes the evil or brings the good luck, money, grace, good health and wealth etc. Goddess Lakshmi has three faces (I) Mahalakshmi it means goddess of wealth, (ii) Maha Saraswati it means goddess of knowledge, (iii) Mahakali its means goddess of kuber. Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, arts, wisdom. Goddess Lakshmi is shown in her image having a book,lotus,white dress, white swan and she give the blessing to every one of knowledge. At last, peoples do worship of goddess Mahakali because she is the symbol of freedom from the evil powers. We do Aarti of the goddess and gets the full blessing.

laxmi. ganesh, Saraswati

Diwali Rangoli Designs & Patterns 2016

Diwali Rangoli Designs & Patterns 2016: Everyone heard about Rangoli, it is creative expressing of arts which are using different types of colors that are Rangoli. Rangoli word is taken from Sanskrit “Rang” (Color) + “Aavali” (Row), it means the row of color. Rangoli is the art of drawing which is drawn on the floor by using different beautiful colors, rice, wheat, flowers petal etc. Mostly Rangoli designs in Diwali festival,Everyone make Rangoli in the entrance of every house. Rangoli asks for the good blessing of goddess Lakshmi because without goddess Lakshmi everything is incomplete.

The main and important purpose of making the beautiful rangoli in the Diwali occasion to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi to give a good health, grace, or bring good luck and home parts from keep turn away the evil eye. Rangoli is the part of the main festival which is Diwali celebration. Rangoli is not only art it is a beautiful way to decorate their courtyards, floor, in the front of the door. Rangoli is the significance of Hindu religion and his culture, today rangoli competition is very popular in every school teachers organized the Rangoli Competition they show many students are creative and they make very different types of Rangoli design.

best rangoli images

Different names of rangoli

There are many types of rangoli so here we give you rangoli names I wish you like this and next time you’ll make rangoli in front of your house.

General Rangoli

Diwali celebration in Ahmedabad.02,November,2013Photo Yogesh ChawdaFusion Rangoli
Theme Rangoli


Clay Rangoli

21Floating Rangoli

111Flowers Rangoli

Kundan Beads Rangoli

beadsSand Rangoli

sand rangoli


Wooden Rangoli

Wooden Beads Rangoli

wooden beads
Importance item for Making Diwali Rangoli Designs


Rice flour
crushed limestone
Colored chalk.
coloured powder
grains, pulses, beans,
Flower likes marigold, rose
Colored sooji / rawa (semolina)
turmeric powder

How to make rangoli on Diwali 2016

If you want to make first time rangoli design so have to use chalk to make rangoli design then you can use the Rice powder, crushed lime for his outline, when you complete this then you have to fill the different color, you can use the flowers petal, pulses, grains, you can also use the Diya’s because at night it’s looking really awesome and in the last you have to draw Goddess Lakshmi footprints which are coming into the homes. There is no limit whatever you can do with rangoli, you can use everything which is looking very beautiful.


Diwali festival in North India

Diwali Festival in North India: Diwali is the festival of lights, it is celebrated with lots of fun, love in the northern part of India. We have all heard In the ancient time people said that the lord ram’s return to Ayodhya that’s why the reason all peoples cleans, renovate their home, decorate with the help of ribbons diya’s candles, lighting bulbs etc to celebrate the Diwali festival. Many people organized the Ramlila and plays the Ram, Lakshmana, Ravan, sita etc characters express the whole story of Ramlila and show how to triumph over Ravan.


Diwali celebrated at nights, especially in northern India. At Diwali nights, we all know Diya is most important thing in Diwali. In Himachal, people got large day outside of the door and somewhere used four smaller diyas in his outside of the door. In the Diwali occasion, Lakshmi puja is very important for everyone, because without Lakshmi puja Diwali occasion is incomplete. Diwali Puja is dedicated to the relation of husband and wife to make their bonding stronger in coming life. This day all people make some new dishes in their home.north2
Diwali festivals make everyone happy and joyful if you spread happiness everywhere. Some children burst crackers, people goes their neighbor’s, relative, friends homes and gives sweets, good wishes and spread the love for his family. All over this day becomes happiness and lightning everywhere. This day people purchase gold, silver, copper, jewelry, crockery and new stylish clothes on this occasion. In this occasion, shopkeepers till open their shop in the morning. Some people purchase dry fruits, sweets households are the common gift for relatives.
There is an official holiday on the occasion of Diwali in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka but this festival is not celebrated in Punjab. The festival of Diwali starts with Dhanteras (2 days before Diwali) and end with Bhai-duj. Diwali represents the good over the evil and lights over darkness. At night, the sky seems to be colorful with mind-blowing fireworks and crackers. Diwali occasion is the sign of the glory of light.


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